Refined Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is the oil extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice after chaff (rice husk). It is notable for its high smoke point of 232 °C (450 °F) and its mild flavor, making it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying.It is called Nature's Wonder Nutrient & is also Heart Oil because of the presence of Oryzanol.

 10 Benefits of Refined Rice Bran oil:

1. Cholesterol lowering oil: Heart friendly.

2.Oryzanol: Improves HDL/LDL ratio. Healthier heart.

3. Balanced PUFA/MUFA ratio: Cleaner blood vessels.

4. Balanced Fatty Acids#: Balanced nutrition, balanced health.

5. Tocotrienols & Phytostrerols*: Anti-cancer properties.

6. Squalene: Improves skin tone and delays wrinkle formation.

7. Vitamin E: Helps maintaining balance of nervous system.

8. Natural antioxidants: Protection against diseases.

9. Ferulic acid: Stimulates hormonal secretion, rejuvenates health.

10. Low oil absorption: Healthier food.

Packing -We can offer packing from our respective Suppliers in Tanker Loads or as per custom buyer's requirement.