Why Choose Us?

Legacy: Shiv & Company was founded by Mr Shiv Sewak in 1980 & has since then been serving Indian Edible & Non Edible Oil Industry ‎. It is one of the oldest & most reputed Intermediaries with a golden legacy as today it is procuring & sourcing products & derivatives on behalf of its buyer's from its esteemed suppliers across India.

Reliable: Shiv & Company is the second name of reliability as it proved it's hardcore ideology of contractual commitment time & again inspite of any amount of challenges it has to face. One of the most notable events was in 1997 when founder of the company Mr Shiv Sewak sold his Real Estate to payback all Suppliers from his own pocket when one of the major Edible Oil & Vanaspati player defaulted in Uttar Pradesh & that act was Highly Appreciated & Unprecedented in India Edible Oils Industry .

Knowledge: We are truly having sound knowledge about Indian Edible Oils Industry owing to our presence in this trade since 1980 & above all backed up by our network of esteemed clients across India.

Global Mindset: We take pride that we can provide you both Local & Global Solutions in context of Edible & Non Edible Oils. As we cater to Indian industry in Shiv & Company & for Global market our Subsidiary M/S Ishaan Oleo & Agri Resources is a new breed of our business with Global Mindset & Confidence to Innovate across borders‎.